using LED lamp holder

August 29, 2022

Since the LED lamp cap is subject to overcurrent, it is natural to pay attention to avoid electric shock during use. So, how can we avoid electric shock? In the following, professional manufacturers provide us with a few suggestions, come and take a look.

1. The structural design of the self-ballasted electrodeless fluorescent lamp should ensure that, without any auxiliary housing in the shape of a lamp, when the lamp is screwed into a lamp holder that meets the rules of GB 17935, it cannot touch the metal parts in the lamp cap or the lamp cap. Of live metal parts.

2. The test of selection rules refers to checking its eligibility, if necessary, applying a force of 10 N.

3. For lamps with screw caps, the structural design should meet the requirements of general lighting (GLS) bulbs to prevent accidental contact.

4. The eligibility can be checked by the gauge 7006-51A in GB 1483-2001 for checking the E27 lamp holder.

5. The inspection request for the self-ballasted electrodeless fluorescent lamp with LED lamp holder is the same as that for the incandescent lamp with the same lamp holder.

6. Except for the current-carrying metal parts on the lamp cap, the metal parts outside the lamp cap should not be charged or simply charged. In order to test, any detachable conductive material should be placed in the most unfavorable place without using things.

7. Choose insulation resistance and dielectric strength test to check whether it is qualified.

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