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What are the benefits of outdoor led display advertising?

December 24, 2021

Since outdoor LED displays are generally installed in places with dense outdoor crowds, advertising is very suitable. For example, our common outdoor large screens include outdoor curtain wall LED screens in shopping malls, column-type LED displays, road display large screens and campus outdoor large screens, etc. Because the outdoor traffic is relatively large, it can be advertising and cultural penetration. , Activity reminder, it can also be an outdoor visual experience. What are the benefits of outdoor led display advertising?

1. Outdoor environment with superior geographical location.

Assuming that there are any benefits of outdoor advertising, the geographical environment must be the first consideration. As long as the flow of people in various outdoor environments is large, the effect of advertising is definitely not small. However, outdoor LED displays need to consider the problem of light pollution. Although they are all adaptively adjusted now, some users will ask for too high brightness and ignore the problem of light pollution. Moreover, in order to have a better price advantage, manufacturers will not give more reminders.

2. Good investment effect and high return;

Compared with TV advertisements and other forms, outdoor LED displays can support 24-hour uninterrupted playback to meet the needs of full-time information dissemination. Moreover, it has excellent performance in waterproof, lightning protection and earthquake resistance. The outdoor LED display itself is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product. Can adapt to harsh outdoor application environment. With its high brightness, the display effect will not be affected by the environment, and the outdoor transmission effect can be guaranteed. It is true that the high-definition screen broadcasts city propaganda and other public welfare content, which is not easy to arouse the audience’s disgust, can beautify the image of the city, enrich people’s leisure life, and become a window to the city’s image and brand.

3. Outdoor media appears in various forms of advertising.

Everyone knows that high-rise buildings in shopping malls are equipped with full-color LED screens for advertising. Most of the display screens on highways are installed in eye-catching locations on the road, such as above the highway toll shed, on both sides of the highway, on the highway or city streets, with high precision. , High brightness, can realize synchronous playback of pictures, texts, audios, etc., giving people a certain visual impact. Outdoor LED display advertising has brought immeasurable commercial value to users.

In fact, in addition to the above advantages, the advantage of outdoor LED display publicity lies in the way the LED display is displayed. For example, the special-shaped LED display will be more attractive than the traditional LED display outdoors. The naked eye 3D material Will have more visual effects than traditional materials. And now only LED display screens are suitable for outdoor use. As mentioned in the second point, there are many and strong outdoor interference factors, and it is difficult to achieve this standard if it is replaced with a display screen of other materials.

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