What are the methods of dimming LED floodlights?

May 27, 2022

LED floodlights can perform better in decoration and landscape lighting through dimming, and show the decorative characteristics. LED floodlights have a larger dimming angle than traditional lamps, so they are more flexible to use. The LED flood light adopts an integrated heat dissipation structure design. Compared with the general heat dissipation structure design, the heat dissipation area is increased by 80%, which ensures the luminous efficiency and service life of the LED flood light.

The first method is to achieve dimming by adjusting the driving current of the LED floodlight, because the brightness of the LED chip and the LED driving current have a fixed ratio.

The second type of dimming is often referred to as analog dimming mode or linear dimming. The advantage of this dimming is that when the driving current increases or decreases linearly, the LED chip will be relatively reduced, and the change in the driving current will have a certain impact on the color temperature of the LED chip.

The third is to control the driving current to be square, and to change the output power at the same time by adjusting the pulse width. When the frequency conversion speed regulation is generally 200Hz to 10kHz, the human glasses can no longer detect the process of light change. Another advantage is that the heat dissipation is better. The disadvantage is that the overshoot of the drive current has a certain impact on the life of the LED chip.

We use LED floodlights to determine the number of lamps according to the illuminance calculation of the selected light source, lamps, installation positions and other conditions. The exterior decorative lighting of buildings is expressed by the projection of LED floodlights. In the design of LED floodlights , which perfectly expresses the characteristics of the building.

According to the need, the light control of the LED flood light should be less than 6°. The light beam is narrow, and the scattered light is gathered together, thus forming the concept of light control. LED floodlights are mainly used for decorative lighting and commercial space lighting. The decorative components are heavier. Because heat dissipation generally has to be considered, there are some differences between their appearance and traditional LED floodlights. .

That is to control the light at a narrow angle. It can reduce light pollution without reducing the light. Because it controls the light and can concentrate the light beams together, without glare, it will not affect the lives of residents at all.

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