What are the specifications for indoor LED displays?

December 24, 2021

There are several specifications of the LED display: model specifications, module size specifications, chassis size specifications. Here I mainly talk about the model specifications used for indoor led display screens, because the modules and cabinets are all in the plan, and the best selection is based on the display size ratio.

Indoor led display screens mainly use P1.9, P1.8, P1.6, P1.5, P1.2, P0.9, etc., and those below p2 are called small-pitch LED displays in the industry.

Why should small-pitch LED displays be used indoors? Because when viewing indoors at close range, the image on the monitor needs to be clear and the brightness should not be too high. The conventional models above P3 have higher brightness and are used indoors. If they are viewed for a long time, they will easily cause visual fatigue, so they are not suitable. . In addition, the LED display is made of individual lamp beads. The larger the model, the stronger the graininess. When the P3 is observed at close range, it can already feel the graininess. The more you look in, the stronger the graininess.

The reason why led display screen is divided into outdoor and indoor is that when its model is below P2, the brightness can not reach the outdoor standard; second, because of close viewing, large-size led display has obvious graininess, which is not suitable Watch at a close distance; third, due to different environments, the required configuration will be different. Outdoors need good protection: shockproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, electricity-proof, and heat-dissipation

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