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What is the role of led display?

December 30, 2020

Led display screen is also known as led door head screen, led electronic screen, led advertising screen, led screen with characters. It is composed of led lamp beads. High brightness, suitable for outdoor advertising of shops, non-LCD led screen. People often see red, white, or other color scrolling screens on the street, which is a kind of led display, monochromatic led display, also known as bar screen.

What is the role of led display?

1. Play the role of setting off the atmosphere. The celebration speeches of major festivals, and the welcome speeches of superior leaders or various guests to visit and guide can be played on the LED display.

2. Play a role in popularizing knowledge, which can be used to broadcast enterprise product information, product promotion videos and other related industry knowledge.

3. Play the role of bulletin board, promote recruitment information release, etc.

4. Play the role of lighting and unconventional.

5. Play the role of store decoration and improve the grade of the enterprise.

6. Play the role of product promotion and attract customers.

The purpose of merchants installing led display screens is to promote product information, attract target customers, and make the greatest profit possible, and led display screens have become the first choice of corporate publicity for this purpose.

When buying a led display, we must first determine the size.

The size of the led display is not completely customized according to the reserved space, no matter where the full-color led display is purchased, it can only be the closest size. Because the LED display module has a fixed size, for example, the size of a module is 320mm*160mm, then it can only be a multiple of this module size.

Then it is to determine the model. For example, indoor full-color LED displays have P6, P5, P4, P3, P2.5, etc., as well as small-pitch led displays. The smaller the spacing, the higher the definition.

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