Analysis on the factors that outdoor full-color LED displays are favored by the market

July 19, 2021

First, high resolution. Only with higher resolution can high-quality advertising screens be displayed;

Second, high refresh rate, high refresh rate of the display screen can make the camera and the camera have no defects such as black lines and color blocks when shooting, and the picture is more stable;

Third, high brightness, outdoor environments require higher brightness, especially adjustable brightness;

Fourth, high grayscale, higher grayscale can make the color of the display screen uniform and the image more delicate, and with high resolution, can the display screen show high-quality pictures;

Fifth, high contrast is one of the necessary conditions for high-quality screens, otherwise the high gray level of the LED electronic display will not be able to show;

Sixth, white balance, restoring the true picture color is the function of white balance, which directly affects the advertising effect;

Seventh, large viewing angle, the viewing angle covered by the outdoor display screen, advertisers all hope to be able to see the original picture clearly and accurately, and the pursuit of a large viewing angle is an inevitable requirement;

Eighth, uniformity, it is also a necessary condition for a good screen, which depends on the quality of the luminous tube, the design level of the display, the level of production technology, the level of correction, the level of installation and other links.

With the two major advantages of high arrival rate and low cost, outdoor media has become the fastest growing advertising media in recent years. Especially in first-tier cities, outdoor LED displays have become the new darling of advertisers. In the commercial centers of cities, there are many outdoor LED displays.

Although with the gradual saturation of the market in first-tier cities, more LED displays are stationed in second- and third-tier cities, once again setting off an upsurge in outdoor LEDs. Therefore, if manufacturers want to win the favor of advertisers, they must provide high-quality LED displays that can meet the needs of advertisers.

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