How to fix the led light bar not bright

August 30, 2021

Led lamps are widely used in daily life. According to experts from, LED lamps are semiconductor chips and have a long service life. Compared with other types of lamps, they are much more energy-efficient. However, they will inevitably fail if they are used for a long time. , This is easy to bring greater trouble to life. So, how do I fix the led light bar if it doesn’t light up? What aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing led lights? Let’s take a brief look with the editor below.

1. How to fix the led light bar does not light up

It is necessary to confirm the reason for not lighting up, and then deal with it according to the actual situation. Generally, there are two reasons why the LED light bar does not light up. One is that the power supply is broken or the lamp wiring is bad, just reconnect the power supply; the other is that the LED light bar itself fails, and the LED light or its accessories need to be replaced. Because of the high risk of circuit operation, if you encounter any problems, you should find a professional electrician to deal with it.

Second, what aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing led lights

1. Look at the packaging and trademarks: high-quality led lights are good in all aspects, especially the details, such as packaging and trademarks. In order to avoid counterfeiting by criminals, in addition to the basic electrical content, there will be anti-counterfeiting on the lights Trademark to facilitate the owners to confirm the authenticity.

2. Look at the appearance of the lamp: When purchasing LED lamps, you should carefully check the appearance of the lamp to ensure that there are no cracks or other defects. At the same time, because the lamp may heat up after use, it is recommended not to buy it if it is ordinary plastic. Prone to deformation.

3. Look at the working status: good quality led lights are not easy to heat up during operation, but if they are used for a long time, they will also heat up. The owner must choose good heat dissipation conditions when purchasing, otherwise if the tube is long Time running at high temperature can easily shorten the service life.

4. Listen to the working sound: The led light will not make any sound under normal operation, so you can listen carefully when you buy it. If there is an obvious running sound, you must not buy it, because the quality is not good. The light fixtures will not only affect the use, but also leave hidden dangers.

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