Neon light production process

July 23, 2022

In terms of the manufacturing process of neon lights, whether it is a bright tube, a powder tube or a color tube, the manufacturing process is basically the same. They all need to undergo glass tube forming, sealing electrodes, bombardment and degassing, filling with inert gas, sealing vents and aging, etc. Craft.

Glass tube forming-the process of making a straight glass tube to burn, bake, and bend into a pattern or text along the outline of the pattern or text through a special flame. The level of the production staff can be seen with the naked eye, and the level is low. The lamp tubes made by the people are prone to irregularities, too thick or too thin, wrinkled inside, and skewed out of plane.

Sealing Electrode————The process of connecting the lamp tube to the electrode and the vent hole through the flame head. The interface should not be too thin or too thick, and the interface must be completely melted, otherwise it is easy to cause slow air leakage.

Bombardment and degassing — the key to making neon lights. It is a process in which the electrodes are bombarded with high-voltage electricity and the electrodes are heated to burn water vapor, dust, oil and other substances invisible to the naked eyein the lamp electrode, to remove these harmful substances, and to vacuum the glass tube. If the temperature of the bombardment degassing is not reached, the above-mentioned harmful substances will be incompletely removed and directly affect the quality of the lamp. Excessively high bombardment degassing temperature will cause excessive oxidation of the electrode, which will produce an oxide layer on the surface and cause the quality of the lamp to decrease. The completely bombarded and degassed glass tube is filled with appropriate inert gas, and after being experienced, the neon light production process is completed.

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